School Holiday Program

This program is an extension of our Community Access Program. During School Holidays (10 weeks a year) we run a community-based program for young people aged from 6 to 25 years old. This program operates Monday to Thursday (except for public holidays).

In our School Holiday Program, we provide a wide range of activities that vary each day.

The aim of the program is to assist and support our participants to form positive friendships with their peers and our staff, while accessing the community. The participant will have the opportunity to further develop their interactions with peers from different groups, general public and assist them to understand social etiquette. Outings such as eating out, shopping, the use of public transport, attending community events and fitness activities will improve the individual’s life skills.


The activities we program allow participants the opportunity to build upon their resilience so that they may better cope with life’s challenges. We encourage and support our participants to know their limits as they step outside of their comfort zone, in a safe way that will cause very little harm if they are unsuccessful. Examples include trying a new experience, participating in group play, or striking up a conversation with a shy peer. This helps them reach for their long-term goals and it helps them solve problems independently. We teach that all feelings are important and that labeling their feelings can help them make sense of what they’re experiencing. We reassure and support them that it’s okay to feel anxious, sad, jealous, etc.

This NDIS funded program runs from two base points: Elizabeth Train Station Car park and North Park Shopping Center. Participants are expected to bring a bottle of water and a hat for the day.

Through our SHIP our team will support participants to reach their full potential and achieve their NDIS Goals while respecting and valuing the individual.